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Our Wellbeing dog - Smartie and his learning journey

Welcome to Smartie's page!


No, not Smarties our fabulous nurture group but Smartie our wellbeing dog!


Smartie is a Cavapoo puppy which means his mum was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his dad was a poodle.


He is 10 weeks old and very playful and very gorgeous!


We have decided that Smartie would be a brilliant addition to our wellbeing team in Plasmarl Primary.


There is lots and lots of research about how wonderful it is to have a wellbeing dog in school, not only for our wellbeing and mental health but also for our learning!


Here's the plan for Smartie's learning journey -


* He will live with me, Mrs Davies, but he'll come into school everyday and be based in the Rainbow Room.


* When Smartie gets used to being in school, he will come into your classes to say hello! Maybe you could read to him or show him your work or just sit and cuddle him, he loves that!


* I will be looking for you to help me take care of Smartie in school - he'll need regular walks in the yard so he can go to the toilet in his special place, right at the end of the KS 2 yard by the school gates, away from all the play. Smartie is learning how to be a polite puppy at the moment but he's very clever so he shouldn't be long!


* When Smartie is older, we are hoping that he'll become a trained therapy dog! Then he'll be even more of a "Smartie pants"! 


Smartie is here for every pupil in Plasmarl Primary and I'm looking forward to seeing him grow up in school alongside you all.


Look out for lots of pictures on here showing Smartie's learning journey.



The first day of Smartie's journey

Settling in my new home!

It's fun being a puppy!

Sleeping is so important!!!

Need another nap!